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Will Langdon's home along Alabama Avenue in Sun City, Arizona January 9, 2010. Will has lived in Sun City since it opened in 1960. This year is Sun City's 50th anniversary..When he first came to Sun City with his wife the area was surrounded by cotton fields. His house was one of the first built in Sun City. Before he had a wall in his backyard, he and his neighbors would gather on Sundays. "We would gather and bring all the tables and food out. It was ver nice, but times change and people die," he said..His home is filled with John Wayne and other western memorabilia. "John Wayne is my heo. He exemplifies what every man should do and be," he said..Will's wife Naomi has since passed away and he is recovering from prostate cancer. He has outlived his friends, as well. "I'm what you call the last of the Mohicans and I'm holding on."