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The Cole Bros. Circus is everything you would imagine from a circus decades ago. This nostalgia keeps audiences returning to the one tent in mall parking lots and on fairgrounds up and down the east coast. "Back in the depression, while everybody was on food lines and there was no money, the circus was the greatest entertainment. It was the escape. We have seen that again with the recession. The big top is magical, if you've never been to a circus under the tent, there's something thrilling and chilling about it," said Ringmaster Chris Connors...2009 marks the Cole Bros.'s 125th anniversary and the circus claims to be the oldest American circus under a tent. The 136 x 231 foot tent can house over 2,800 fans, along with several acts where the performers hail from all over the world...These images are from shows in Augusta, Georgia, Thomasville, Georgia and Meridian, Mississippi.